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Adopt a ChihuahuaChihuahua Rescue Indiana is dedicated to serving the community and animals, for the betterment of all lives. We are always looking for foster homes and volunteers to help with the animals and adoption events.

Not ready to adopt, but love animals?  We can save more lives if we have foster homes where the animals can stay until they are ready for adoption.  By opening your home to a homeless pet, you are helping save many more lives than just that one.

We feel all animals deserve a second chance and we will do our best to rehabilitate dogs that have behavioral problems and even aggression.  We care for our animals until we find the perfect home, and always take them back if circumstances change for our adopters.

We do screen our applicants carefully to ensure both animal and family are finding the perfect match.  We also believe in a foster-to-adopt program for some animals, to make certain the match is perfect.

We Want to Help!

Chihuahua Rescue responds to all application form submissions. If you don't hear from us within two days, please contact us (this form opens in a new window).

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